Advertising in a time of crisis

Special Report

As the world moves to ease lockdown measures, we all begin to emerge, blinking, into a world that will have been forever altered by the events of 2020. All business sectors have been impacted by the ongoing crisis and the advertising industry is no exception.

In this special report, we investigate the key impacts of the current crisis on the advertising industry. We consider the issues across the spectrum – both the impact on brands and advertisers but also on publishers and media owners across various channels, focusing not just on the negatives and the challenges but also looking forward to the opportunities for growth both during this new way of life as the world returns closer to “normal”.

“The outbreak of coronavirus has forced brands to review ad spend and delay media pitches where these would usually be put out to tender, thereby limiting some organic growth.”

Brand Focus

How have brands been impacted by the current crisis? What strategies have they need to employ to manage through these difficult times? How can they ensure greater resilience in future?

Channel Focus

Which channels have felt the biggest impact from coronavirus? How have companies in these channels looked to adapt? Which channels have actually ended up winners?

Looking Forward

What is next for the advertising sector? How are brands looking to manage recovery? How can channels adapt to the new world? How will consumer behaviour change? How will this impact the sector?

“Despite the current crisis affecting people's ability to meet in real life, dating apps have seen a huge increase in users as people seek out social interactions and ways of meeting people while in lockdown.”

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“In the current crisis, traditional linear television advertising, as well as video-on-demand, has experienced a substantial hit as advertiser spend in the short to medium term has plummeted.”

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