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22 January 2016

Welcome to 5 Minute ADTEKR, your five minute speed read of news and analysis from the past week. Short and sweet, this series highlights key news, developments, trends and predictions in a bite-sized format.

Your speed read for this week:

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Social Advertising Series: Kik

Our Social Advertising Series has previously taken a look at Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. But there has been another player on the scene all along: Kik. This week, ADTEKR takes a look at how the messaging app for post-millenials is hoping to Kik-start its adtech offering.

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Headlines: What’s in the news?

  • Dubai-based AdRelated makes Content Shoppable With only 2.8% of people believing that they thought that ads they saw on websites were relevant, AdRelated have launched a solution that matches adverts with the key words in the published content in a hope to increase click-through-rate.
  • Ex-Mozilla CEO Launches Brave Browser with Advertiser White List – Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla, has launched a new browser called Brave. In a world where ad-blockers are becoming more widespread, Brave automatically substitutes a publisher’s adverts with their own ‘clean’ adverts that will not affect browser performance.


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