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6 February 2015

Welcome to 5 Minute ADTEKR, your five minute speed read of news and analysis from the past week. Short and sweet, this series will highlight key news, developments, trends and predictions in a bite-sized format.

Your speed read for this week:

Headlines: What’s in the news?

  1. Bad practice – Google shut down more than 500 million “bad ads” last year.
  2. Electioneering – Tories splash the cash on Facebook.
  3. Phoning in – New technology allows tracking of “click-to-call” searches.
  4. Going Native – Ad tech company Sharethrough, which focuses on native advertising, targets big revenues.


  1. Big beast – Criteo is the world’s most valuable adtech company, with a £1.5bn market capitalization and is now a direct rival to Google in the ad space. In this feature an adtech journalist quizzes CEO J.B. Rudelle about the business.
  2. Visualising success – “Visual” platforms Pinterest, Flipboard and Tumblr are increasing their involvement in advertising. This blog examines how they intend to turn pretty pictures into online gold.
  3. The trouble with mobile ads – Mobile ads contribute two thirds of Facebook’s advertising revenues, but there’s one big problem: They are less valuable than ads on computer browsers simply because people don’t buy as much on mobile. This tech blogger examines the phenomenon and predicts that it’s not about to change.
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