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20 February 2015

Welcome to 5 Minute ADTEKR, your five minute speed read of news and analysis from the past week. Short and sweet, this series highlights key news, developments, trends and predictions in a bite-sized format.

Your speed read for this week:

On ADTEKR this week…

  1. Regulation time for vloggers? – Victoria considers the regulatory future for content marketing.
  2. Whiskey galore – Nick explores how adtech can keep children out of harm’s way online.
  3. Crit-ical mass – Alasdair reviews Criteo’s outstanding 2014 financials.
  4. Demand Side Platforms 101 – Alex gives the lowdown on demand side platforms.

Headlines: What’s in the news?

  1. Halfway there – Digital set to account for half of all UK ad spend in 2015.
  2. YouTube: brands must use Google – Video giant clamps down on sponsored “overlays”.
  3. Blind faith – Facebook says it will only charge for an ad if someone sees it.
  4. LinkedIn goes programmatic – Networking site launches its own digital ad network.
  5. TV go home – Majority of ad agencies say online video as or more effective than TV.


  1. Bringing home the beacon – Beacons, which we recently featured in Jargon Cruncher, are tiny Bluetooth transmitters in shops which send information about products and offers to shoppers’ smartphones. In this article, tech blogger Tom Wentworth gives his top tips for beacon success.
  2. Clash of the Titans – with Google and Facebook squaring up to each other in the adtech space, this piece from Adweek predicts that Facebook’s product ad technology could give it the edge. This is because its huge stock of consumer data allows it to target adverts more precisely than Google.
  3. Beyond viewability – Brands increasingly consider “viewability” to be the key metric when planning online campaigns. Even after they have been served to individuals, web ads are often not actually viewed, for example because the reader scrolls past them before they load, or because they appear off-screen. In this article, a US tech CEO argues that, although viewability is important, the really key factor for digital marketing is whether audiences “engage” with campaigns, by reading, sharing or commenting.
  4. Prediction Time – Tech blogger Beth Principi gives her key ad tech trends to watch in 2015, discussing ad fraud, location-based advertising and why content is king in the advertising world.
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