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30 January 2015

Welcome to 5 Minute ADTEKR, your five minute speed read of news and analysis from the past week. Short and sweet, this series will highlight key news, developments, trends and predictions in a bite-sized format.

Your speed read for this week:

Headlines: What’s in the news?

  1. Conscious uncoupling – eBay and PayPal prepare for split.
  2. Pin ups – Pinterest dips a toe into the online marketing waters.
  3. Google Plus – Google’s shopping ads service posts huge growth in fourth quarter.
  4. Telly Ad-icts – Adobe hails TV adtech revolution as it relaunches its audience finder.
  5. Bowled over – Superbowl advertisers clamour for more second-screen presence.


  1. Going native in video – Web advertisers are increasingly focusing on video content and the battle for online audiences is hotting up, with Facebook and Twitter both making major pushes into what used to be YouTube’s exclusive territory. This article examines the digital video market and predicts that content marketing is about to be.
  2. How to go viral – Carrying on the video theme, this feature article profiles the British start-up Unruly, which helps online clips go viral. The company has been involved in pushing some of the web’s most recognisable viral ad videos, including T-mobile’s dancing flashmobs and royal wedding campaigns. Unruly uses algorithms which can calculate a video’s likelihood of taking off with audiences, and even predict its emotional impact.
  3. Better together – Adtech is all about building up knowledge of data and ultimately of audiences. In this interview, the founder of an adtech co-op explains how its members are able to increase their own reach by sharing and collaborating with their competitors.
  4. Data in action – This very cool profiling tool courtesy of YouGov demonstrates the power of big data in action. Simply enter the name of a brand, singer, political party or anything else that takes your fancy, and the site instantly collates data to give you the profile of a typical customer, fan or voter. You may be surprised by some of the results.
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