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23 January 2015

Welcome to 5 Minute ADTEKR, your five minute speed read of news and analysis from the past week. Short and sweet, this series will highlight key news, developments, trends and predictions in a bite-sized format.

Your speed read for this week:

Headlines: What’s in the news?

  1. Open sesame – E-commerce behemoth Alibaba announces major investment in Chinese adtech firm.
  2. Open market – Snapchat asks advertisers to pay $750,000 per day to advertise on its platform.
  3. Trendsetters – Venture capitalists pile into online trend-spotter Takey.
  4. ObamaTech – President announces plans for tougher online privacy rules.
  5. Passage to India? – Twitter acquires “dropped-call” marketing start-up in bid to tap Indian mobile market.


  1. Google watch out? – Google is currently by far the biggest player in digital advertising. However, with the re-launch of its cookie-free, “people-based marketing” programme Atlas, Facebook may be set to erode that dominance. This article explores that possibility, and looks at other potential rivals to the big two in online marketing.
  2. Fighting the adblockers – A tech blogger sets out the “bad economics” which he claims beset the digital advertising industry. Of particular concern is rising user rejection through ad blocking technology. Possible ways of preventing this include suing the companies providing the blocking technology and getting browsers to disable their extensions. However, ultimately, the blog argues, it is up to advertisers to raise their game.
  3. Advertising Epics – Youtube’s list of the most watched video ads of last year suggests that adverts are getting longer, lasting in many cases over two minutes. This blog suggests it’s time for some quality control.
  4. Lowering the banner – This article asks whether there is a future for banner advertising online, and argues that we need a fundamental rethink of their place in the marketing mix.
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