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Wearable technology. So last season. An upcoming trend within the overlapping worlds of technology and fashion is artificial intelligence based shopping. Artificial intelligence is now being used to refine customers’ shopping experience. Never a bad thing in shoppers’ eyes. has teamed up with AI specialists Sentient Technologies Holdings Ltd to offer its shoppers a new way to search for shoes on its website. The site has just introduced a new “visual filter” which learns from a customer’s choice and provides instant recommendations of available shoes. The filter, understanding the inventory, only shows shoes available in stock (avoiding every fashionista’s worst nightmare of stock unavailability). The filter allows customers to choose which shoe characteristics they most like; whether it’s the colour, style, heel or embellishments. The filter combines these preferences and shows the customer any available shoe which meets the chosen characteristics. If you like 5 inch heels, you’ll be shown 5 inch heels. If you like stripes, you’ll be shown stripes. If you like 5 inch heels and stripes, you’ll be shown stripy 5 inch heels. Of course visual search isn’t a recent thing, however what is hoping to accomplish, is a more personalised shopping experience.

If you like 5 inch heels and stripes, you’ll be shown stripy 5 inch heels.

Stitch Fix is another company harnessing the power of artificial intelligence; using AI and human judgement to recommend clothes and accessories personal to each online shopper. So far it’s been successful, with over 80% of customers coming back within 90 days to place a second order. Shoppers have to complete a questionnaire which allows them to identify their preferences across a variety of categories, such as jean length, frequency of dressing up for nights out or weddings and budget. The questionnaire is incredibly thorough and aims to extract as much information as possible from users, ultimately providing the underlying algorithm with more data on which to base its recommendations. Based on the responses, Stitch Fix sends shoppers a box of 5 items, which shoppers can either keep or return. The algorithm continually learns whether it’s successful or not, improving its ability to successfully recommend items next time.

Filter overload

A common problem faced by most online shoppers is that they are simply overwhelmed by choice and have to navigate numerous search filters and display functions. Artificial intelligence is looking to streamline all of the available choice, and present shoppers with a more manageable and user friendly online catalogue. The hope is that artificial intelligence will be able to know what online shoppers want before they know themselves. There is also clear benefit to advertisers looking to retarget hot prospects in knowing not only what an online shopper may be interested in, but why that particular type of product interests them.

ADTEKR is looking forward to seeing how the relationship between artificial intelligence and shopping develops; anything to make shopping easier and quicker!

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