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Established in 2012, AppLift was originally launched by Berlin-based start-up incubator HitFox. Fast-forward to 2016 and AppLift is backed by Prime Ventures, employs over 200 employees worldwide and has a diverse client base of over 500 publishers including King Digital Entertainment, the creators of the high grossing game Candy Crush.

AppLift was created to enable mobile advertisers to receive a better return on their investment when promoting an app across multiple mobile advertising networks. The company aims to assist advertisers by creating modern tools which will improve their campaigns to ultimately increase their return. In other words, AppLift helps advertisers put the right ad in front of the right user to ultimately drive app installs.

AppLift recently announced its new flagship platform, DataLift 360. The platform hopes to fuel growth by enabling mobile advertiser’s to control their campaigns through a single platform. DataLift 360 integrates audience targeting, cross channel optimisation, data integration and supports all advertising formats including interstitials, native advertising, and rich media ads, in order to enhance the performance of advertising campaigns. In a communiqué announcing the company’s new product, CEO and co-founder of AppLift, Tim Koschella, had the following to say about DataLift 360:

‘As consumers engage with a variety of apps and mobile websites, the path to app profitability becomes exceedingly difficult for marketers to navigate, Advertisers need to understand how to effectively reach their target audiences to gain maximum ROI. DataLift 360 simplifies this process by providing unified access to mobile inventory through an advertising platform tailored to each stage of the app marketing lifecycle.’

AppLift is also eager to emphasise growth and improvement in the industry. For instance, the company recently inaugurated its first FirstScreen Conference, a conference dedicated to mobile advertising and Adtech. The event brought together over 500 industry leaders in a bid to discuss, inspire and shape the future of the mobile Adtech industry. AppLift is also looking to promote these values internally as highlighted by the comments made by Gil Danziger, AppLift’s chief technical officer:

‘The best part of my job is to see how our developers keep growing while improving. It’s amazing how much we manage to achieve in small iterations, delivering exactly what’s needed for our business. We also know how to expand quickly when we detect a new opportunity, business and product wise’.

AppLift’s continuous push for improvement and its market leading DataLift 360 platform make it one of the foremost mobile Adtech companies.

We’ll be watching AppLift with interest here at ADTEKR.

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