Tech It or Leave It – One in Three UK Consumers to Abandon Tech Brands that Post Poor Content

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This time we feature an article by Shafqat Islam, CEO and Co-Founder of NewsCred.

As CEO, Shafqat manages the strategic growth of the company, pioneering marketing technology for the future and helping brands transform the way they connect with people, build brand love and win more customers.

UK consumers will no longer put up with poor content from tech brands, with one in three saying they will leave those that publish substandard copy, finds a newly released study by content marketing platform NewsCred.

According to our study, “From tech savvy to content savvy”, 34% of Brits say they would purchase from a competitor if their preferred tech brand began producing low quality content, while 66% of consumers feel high quality content is important to a tech brand’s reputation and trustworthiness.

When asked what low-quality or infrequently published content would do to their perception of a technology brand, 27% say they would believe that brand is out of touch or not up to date with customer habits, while 18% say they would feel the brand doesn’t care about engaging with their customers.

66% of consumers feel high quality content is important to a tech brand’s reputation and trustworthiness

Furthermore, 16% said that they would expect the brand to sell low quality products, indicating a perceived correlation between content quality and product quality amongst the UK public, while 30% prefer a tech brand’s tone to be ‘serious and honest’.

When it comes to topics, 40% of UK consumers are looking to tech brands to educate them about data privacy, followed closely by 37% who chose useful technology tips as their top choice. Another 33% are looking to brands to guide the way on future technologies via quality content.

The fact that less than one in 10 UK consumers believe online user reviews, showing a clear opportunity for tech brands to own the conversation around not just their products but the impact they have on people’s lives.

Data privacy (40%) and top technology tips (37%) are UK consumers’ most in-demand content topics from tech brands.

The message is clear – the British public expect a high calibre approach to content creation and while there is a content gap that needs filling, tech brands themselves should take on the challenge of fulfilling this role. Google and Apple are leading the way in creating compelling content across different platforms that pulls audiences into a human story and piques their interest in a product on more than one level, showcasing where technology fits into everyday life.

Take how Google used content to illustrate the value of the self-driving car, telling the story of Steve, who is blind and how the technology transforms his life. The Apple Watch video is another good example of content where audiences are immersed into a world where the product accommodates every occasion and where seeing, doing and feeling are enhanced by the convenience of the device. These two examples support the results of our report, indicating that as a tech brand, how you say it is just as important as what you’re saying when it comes to your overall marketing success.

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NewsCred’s full report, “From tech savvy to content savvy” is available via

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