Adam Wright

Adam Wright

Lawyer at Olswang in the Commercial team, working primarily in the advertising and tech sectors

Verizon and the return of the “zombie cookies”

The UIDH – dubbed “zombie cookies” for the way in which they reappear on a user’s device after being deleted – are used by Verizon to tag and follow its mobile subscribers around the web. However, the concern from the cybersecurity industry over the last few months has been that third parties are able to use these unique customer identifiers to track mobile users who are unable to permanently delete the UIDH in the same way as a standard cookie.

Private Ad Exchanges 101

Private ad exchanges are controlled environments, typically run by major publishers or a group of them, with ads sold through carefully selected agencies or advertisers using trading desks and/or demand side platforms. They are used by publishers to more carefully control who can buy their inventory, and at what price.

In this article, we consider the rise of private ad exchanges and the pros and cons for publishers using them.