Vertically Challenged – Consolidation in Adtech

Salesforce recently announced its acquisition of Datorama, an Isreali global marketing intelligence platform, for an estimated $800 million. This news comes after a summer stream of ad tech acquisitions, from agency group IPG acquiring the biggest division of Acxiom for $2.3 billion, to Vista Equity taking a majority stake in a digital ad measurement firm, Integral Ad Science for $850 million. Forecasted as a top trend for Adtech in 2018 by ADTEKR, this consolidation seems likely to continue throughout the second half of 2018, in particular as those holding data look to vertically integrate with those monetising it.

Any excuse to buy some new shoes…

As bricks and mortar businesses try and find new ways to glean information about their customers in an effort to compete with their online counterparts, we look at some of the available options. Instead of looking at our faces (seen by many as rather “creepy”), could our favourite shops and restaurants start pointing their cameras closer to ground level? Shoe fans and those with a foot fetish, take note…

Becoming Sentient: Controlling the Machines

We are fast moving into a brave new world where artificial intelligence is becoming omnipresent, whirring in the background and making vital decisions affecting our everyday lives. These algorithms have been in control for some time, although hidden behind the scenes. As we become increasingly reliant upon machines to run our lives, the question becomes: “How do we make sure that we remain in control?”

Affiliate Marketing: CAP publishes new advertising guidance for “social influencers”

CAP has published new guidance on affiliate marketing for “social influencers” and brands. The new guidance is largely in response to the bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and other so-called “social influencers” who use social media, Youtube and blogs to generate income through affiliate links. CAP is clear that this is advertising and so must subscribe to its rules.