Brand Safety – An Industry-wide Solution?

Programmatic: it’s efficient and delivers massive amounts of insight into audiences. However, the lack of control and human oversight can cause reputational issues for advertisers when their products are advertised alongside content with which they would not wish to be associated. A couple of recent examples of brands suffering embarrassing issues have really increased the spotlight on the always hot-topic of brand safety.

Is the cookie crumbling?

One of the fundamental lynch pins of current behavioural advertising and targeting technology is a small, non-descript text file stored by the browser of users, the humble cookie. What started off as a piece of technology to allow cross-webpage data transfer and persistent storage of local variables has evolved into the basis of the most powerful advertising technologies across the Internet. However, with tightening regulations, consumer mistrust, lack of relevance in the mobile space and lack of cross-device support, is the day of the cookie coming to an end?

Data about data?

The UK Competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority, has launched a call for information into the commercial use of consumer data. Given the exponential rise of data as a business asset in the digital age, competition regulators and commentators have been talking about personal data as a potential anti-trust issue for some time; this inquiry is a first step in the direction of potential competition intervention in an area hitherto the preserve of privacy regulators. Businesses wishing to share information with the CMA (and the wider world) about how they collect and monetise data have until 6 March to respond. What will be the impact of this investigation on the adtech industry as a whole?

Contact(less) sport: Mobile payment and the future of data marketing

Mobile payment is the next big battleground for the major tech firms, with Google set to lock horns with Apple when it launches its Android Pay service later this year (likely at Google I/O in May) having announced earlier this week that it has acquired “some exciting technology and intellectual property” from Softcard and has signed deals in the US with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon to pre-load all android mobiles they sell with the revamped Google Wallet. In this article we look at the potential data stream this may generate for the adtech industry.