Content marketing: regulation incoming?

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)’s decision late in 2014 in relation to brand involvement in videos online highlights a growing trend for greater involvement by advertisers in content. The noise around content marketing and native advertising has been building for a while and much has been written already about the LEGO movie – an example of content marketing at its best. But now we are starting to see this in an increasing number of campaigns – and clearly the regulators are taking an interest too.

CAPtivating: IAB issues new native advertising guidance

The IAB released the first part of its new guidance relating to native advertising formats today, focusing on outlining good practice relating to the display of native advertising within online and mobile content. In particular, the IAB concentrates on how companies can effectively make use of native advertising whilst still remaining compliant with the UK CAP Code and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Verizon and the return of the “zombie cookies”

The UIDH – dubbed “zombie cookies” for the way in which they reappear on a user’s device after being deleted – are used by Verizon to tag and follow its mobile subscribers around the web. However, the concern from the cybersecurity industry over the last few months has been that third parties are able to use these unique customer identifiers to track mobile users who are unable to permanently delete the UIDH in the same way as a standard cookie.