Social Advertising Series: Instagram’s Carousel

Earlier this year, photo-sharing mobile app Instagram (now Facebook-owned) updated its advertising offering by introducing its “Carousel” ad platform. Take up has been slow but steady, and we are now starting to see the new approach bear fruit. In the latest instalment of ADTEKR’s Social Advertising Series, we take a look at the adtech behind Carousel, analyse initial performance and consider how this ad platform might develop in the future.

Social Advertising Series: The Snapchat Story So Far…

Back in February, ADTEKR looked at Snapchat’s imminent move into the adtech world. The approach, Snapchat claimed, was simple: a unique, non-intrusive, positive advertising experience that promised unprecedented user engagement. What looked to be the main issue was cost. Snapchat announced that it would charge advertisers a flat rate of $750,000 per day for a single 24 hour advertising feature; its publishing partners would also be able to command very high prices. Has this bold move paid off? Two months later, ADTEKR is back to analyse the story so far.