Web Summit 2015: A Start-Up Experience

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Last week start-up moodoo headed to Web Summit for their first experience of the global tech conference. Moodoo is a social app, aimed at getting people together and its sights are firmly set on WhatsApp. Moodoo has received seed funding from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School Seed Fund. It is UK incorporated but truly international with the team based mostly out of Mumbai. Its Co-Creators Vaibhav Sinha and Lucy Gadkari have extensive experience across software development and brand strategy – below they give some of their thoughts on their first Web Summit adventure.

What application process did you have to go through to get your place to exhibit at Web Summit this year?

 The application process was relatively simple: it involved a brief online form followed by a more in-depth Skype interview with one of the Web Summit’s Startup Managers. We discovered shortly after that that we had secured our position as one of the Alpha startups.

What things did you get involved in?

We tried to get involved in as many things as possible, but of course each event is in hot demand so it was quite a rat race to secure a seat. We managed however to go to two workshops led by Diogo Alves of Portugal Ventures, which were both very helpful. In the first, Diogo discussed insights that he had learnt along his journey as a serial entrepreneur and an investor. In the second, he spoke about how to best approach global growth – a poignant topic for moodoo.

Besides the workshops, we had a 10 minute audience scheduled with a VC as part of “office hours”, watched some of the startup pitches and of course listened to as many of the talks as possible. The array of speakers was impressive – in one day, we watched everyone from the founder of Pixar, to the world’s top tech investors to Rio Ferdinand. There was a whirlwind of ideas and content.

But the crux of the action for us really took place on Day 2 when we spent the full day pitching to investors, journalists and other entrepreneurs at our 1 metre stall. It’s always a thrill to tell people more about the business, but the intensity is such that we only only left our patch of carpet once or twice over 8 hours – once to grab a coffee, the other to dash to the loo!

What did you think about some of the other start-ups exhibiting, scared of the competition or confident that you are the ones to be investing in?

The most incredible thing about going to Web Summit as a startup is the sense of scale. The moment you walk into the room, you realise just how many other entrepreneurs are out there, building their own world-changing ideas. This realisation only grows as you move to the next room, to the next, and so on, only to discover hundreds more startups. But this was a positive for us as a team. It recharges you and reminds you that you need to work your socks off to come out on top, and to make your idea the success story. We are still absolutely confident that moodoo is a winning idea at the end of Web Summit.

The moment you walk into the room, you realise just how many other entrepreneurs are out there, building their own world-changing ideas.

How did people receive your platform/product?

Overall, we had a really good response. We had some great dialogues and most importantly, everyone seemed to quickly understand how moodoo would slot in and simplify their social life! It’s always great to watch people interact with and get excited about your product. Of course, there there were also a few questions; some harder than others, but none that took us by surprise.

Would you go back?

Yes, we hope to be back again and perhaps also to make it to one of the affiliated summits like Rise in Hong Kong or Surge in Bangalore!

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