The ADTEKR Story

Adtech is a world of the few vs the many; the few who understand the inner workings of the industry, the many who blindly follow and place their trust in those in the know. To a person not versed in the dark arts of programmatic buying, real-time bidding and probabilistic matching, it can seem an impenetrable fog of jargon.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

No longer is the industry looking to use its mystique as a way of hiding margins and concealing charges. Adtech is beginning to realise that its true strength is in making its users aware of the power of the technology stack.

77% of media agencies have a “deep understanding” of programmatic…

Talk to anyone at the key players in the industry and they will all tell you one thing – crucial to the continued success of the sector is education. Education of those too comfortable in their own ways to move to the new world. Education of the sector’s critics who still portray those behind adtech as looking to profit from obscurity. Education of those taking the first steps into a new world.

…but 1 in 4 marketers had never previously heard of programmatic advertising.*

ADTEKR was founded in early 2015 by Olswang, one of Europe’s leading technology law firms and a legacy firm of CMS, a global, sector-focused law firm. It was created to provide this kind of education – looking to bring the adtech message to those who may not be technically-minded; those who work in the marketing sector but are not marketers; those who are looking for a guiding light to help them through the jargon.

* Source: “Why and how ‘programmatic’ is emerging as key to real-time marketing success”, IAB Europe

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On 1 May 2017, CMS combined with Olswang and Nabarro to create a new future-facing law firm. This combination delivers a distinctive, technology-driven offering to clients, bringing together best in class sector specialists with outstanding global reach, underpinned by a 250-year heritage in the City and Scotland.
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